Kavin Group Donates N95 Masks To The Hamilton YWCA

The Kavin Group has donated N95 masks to the Hamilton YWCA to help essential frontline personnel during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Last updated:
November 25, 2020
The YWCA in Hamilton, Ontario

The Kavin Group donated invaluable N95 masks to to the Hamilton YWCA. The masks will help frontline staff and volunteers do their work during the COVID-19 crisis.

"As a community, we value and appreciate the excellent work done by the Hamilton YMCA. This is why we've stepped-up and donated N95 masks to the organization," said Steve Vincic, Co-Founder and Vice-President.

During the current crisis, N95 masks have become extremely scarce, but they remain indispensable to essential workers.

"We encourage all businesses that can help, do so during this local and national emergency," Vincic added.

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