How to Select the Right Recruitment Partner

When selecting a recruitment partner, it is important for a business to evaluate these 10 key success factors for a successful business relationship.

A Company that Cares About Community

Having worked in the recruitment sector for just over 17 years, I take great pride in ensuring that my team and I deliver and meet all the client's expectations when I commit to working with a client.

As an experienced professional, I joined the Kavin Group in December 2019. December is the most challenging time for new business in the recruiting world and for hitting pipeline targets. Shortly after starting with the Kavin Group, COVID-19 presented a unique set of challenges in the recruitment and talent management industry.

Despite the pandemic, the Kavin Group experienced tremendous growth and client demand for essential service workers. As a company, we recognized that our business growth required us to be more active in the community than ever before. For example, we donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to local hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other affected groups who experienced supply shortages.

The Kavin Group is committed to serving the community and providing superior service to our clients as a recruiting partner. We've developed a keen understanding of the success factors in working with businesses and clients.

Choosing the Right Recruitment Partner – Top 10 Success Factors

When a business asks itself, how do we select a recruitment partner, I would suggest that you look at these critical elements that will help you define the "fit for your business needs":

  1. Has the firm taken the time to get to know your business and taken the time to investigate the management style of your leadership team?
  2. Are they willing to complement your recruitment strategies and act as an extension to your business?
  3. Are they willing to bench-mark candidates to ensure you identify the "best fit" for your team?
  4. Do they genuinely go to the market to find you the "right candidates," or are they waiting for candidates to apply to job postings?
  5. Do they provide you with added value (i.e. competitive market salary comparisons, marketing demographic information)?
  6. Do they professionally represent your business, and do they understand the sensitivity of confidential searches?
  7. What do their candidates have to say about them?
  8. Are they honest with you when they are facing challenges with your recruitment needs?
  9. Do you feel like you have a say, and does your recruitment firm understand how to recruit for your "Wish list" and your "Required Skills"?
  10. Do they do quality-control calls (during any search or even after a candidate fits into a position)?

A strong firm will take the time to analyze any recruitment requests, confirm if their client's needs can fit their rigorous process and their expertise. Their ability to be successful in their client's hiring needs ensures that the result ends in profitability and a good fit. A successful recruitment organization is not only company-focused but also is customer-centric.

As a professional recruitment company, we aim to create the right "fit" for our clients and do not simply "fill" positions to meet our business target objectives.

Fit vs. Fill — Our Approach to Matching Candidates and Employers

The Promise of Excellence

Working with the Kavin Group has demonstrated to me that the company is inspired by others' success and endeavours to be the best talent management firm in Ontario. When meeting our clients' needs, our goal is simple: we promise to deliver the "right fit." We only dispatch vetted candidates that we feel meet our client's requirements and prepare them for an engaging interview.

Our promise of excellence extends to our staff and recruitment consultants. We always aim to align and successfully match client and candidate needs. The bottom line for us is that great people always surround themselves with other great people. The result ensures success for all.

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