Fit vs. Fill — Our Approach to Matching Candidates and Employers

Finding a job and a fulfilling career has always been a difficult task. Both job seekers and employers have a need to match certain quali...

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November 25, 2020

Finding a job and a fulfilling career has always been a difficult task. Both job seekers and employers have a need to match certain qualities with the requirements of a specific position. In recent times, this process has become even harder by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, I'd like to explore the approach that the Kavin Group Talent Management & Recruiting (KTMR) takes to match candidates to the right employers and vice versa, even in these difficult times.

The Job-search Environment During COVID-19

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with so many people forced out of work, finding employment is no easy task. Yes, COVID-19 has forced employers to lay off their staff and sometimes even halt business operations. However, it has also forced organizations to diversify their business, allowing for new opportunities and growth in an uncertain time. Companies are looking for new employees to help them come out on top of the new normal. It is more important now than ever for recruitment firms to place candidates in the right fit to help businesses succeed today.

What Role do Recruitment Agencies Play?

Employment agencies act as intermediaries between an organization and a job candidate. A recruitment agency’s main function is usually to fill a job opening on behalf of an organization. At KTMR, we go a step further to help match job openings to a candidate's needs (the right fit). Employers and candidates are tired of the same old methods used by employment agencies to fill positions.

People seek a career that is meaningful. One that places them in positions where they are valued, have a voice, and can grow professionally. Similarly, employers are no longer satisfied with candidates who just match a list of qualities on a job description. Employers are looking for people who fit within their culture and add value to their organizations.

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Where to Begin - Listen First

As an experienced recruiter and talent manager, my objective is to clearly understand and align candidates with the right employers and vice versa. My team and I meet with both parties to clearly define position objectives, qualities and performance incentives. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the right chemistry exists between the job seeker and the prospective employer so that a long-term relationship can be made. It is our belief that a combination of art and science is needed to be a successful talent manager in a competitive recruitment environment.

During our first interactions with a job seeker and potential candidates, we must act like a sponge. Listening to the wants, requirements and aspirations of the candidate.

"Let them tell you what they want out of a job. Do not proceed with a position if it does not match what the candidate has told you. We always ask ourselves, is there another position that fits better?"

As an employment agency, we serve two clients — the candidate and the employer. We can't neglect either of their wants, requirements, and aspirations. Our goal is for both the candidate and employer to grow together. To achieve this goal we consider:

  • The comfort level of the client
  • The salary range and requirements of the clients
  • The location of the position and the candidate
  • The schedules of both parties
  • The skillset of the candidate to fit the position
  • The career aspirations of your client
  • The work-life balance aspect of the position

Always Be Transparent

A recruiter should not operate in the dark. Transparency is key to making the right fit!

At KTMR, we always relay the clients' wants to potential employers, and we never hold back information about an employer from our candidates. In short, we don’t sugar coat anything - open and transparent communication should always prevail. Our clients on both ends are looking for guidance based on our experience in the recruitment and talent management sector.

Employers Need to Adapt Too

Finding the right fit doesn't just fall on the recruiter or the candidate. Corporate culture plays a big role in attracting and retaining employees who will benefit the business. It is then the recruiter’s role to determine the candidate’s working style and match them with an employer who fits this style. Just as we strive to break out of the traditional framework of filling a position, employers must adapt to a modern business culture’s changing corporate social responsibilities.

The Benefits of Taking the "Fit Approach"

Taking the Fit vs Fill approach to recruitment and talent management is three-fold both for the candidate and the employer.

  1. When a candidate is determined as the right fit for the position, it leads to higher staff satisfaction as the candidate takes pride in their new role. This, in turn, helps the employer as it reduces staff turnover.
  2. Candidates that fit the right position will provide the employer’s customers with better service. For example, both the recruiter and the employer will spend more time creating a lasting relationship with each other and their customers.
  3. When the right fit approach is used, it streamlines the recruitment process for all involved. A candidate will be more efficient and effective at their job, and there will be less time spent on back-filling. This leaves more time for finding the right fit for new positions, which will lead to more business opportunities for the employer.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to matching a candidate with the right employer, the best win-win solution for both parties is achieved by using the fit approach. This will save time and money while creating growth opportunities with a unified purpose to succeed both professionally and personally.

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