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Kavin Strategic Operations Consulting (KSOC) provides a suite of strategic and consulting services that allow you to unlock the full potential of your business to drive growth and revenue.
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Strategic operations consulting services

Kavin Strategic Operations Consulting can help your business achieve its full potential through industry proven consulting and strategic development. Our professional services include:

Strategic and practical solutions

These are intended to optimize the reliability, availability and cost of industrial assets over their entire lifecycle.

Professional recruitement

This includes recruitment of personnel in the areas of product and/or service domains.

Development of internal frameworks

These frameworks enhance process management so that you can perform Bottle Neck Analysis, this process allows you monitor areas of performance of personnel as well as the management of internal operational personnel training.

Performance monitoring and analysis

Development and deployment of your company’s crucial measurements through performance monitoring to support your need for business-driven data. Analysis of your operational metrics will help you improve your overall time-cost analysis which includes overhead optimization and throughput quality.

Translating Business Strategy

KSOC helps local, regional and national manufacturers and suppliers translate their business strategy into practical operational plans through an effective production strategy. We help companies implement their strategy by finding ways to improve operational performance across complex value chains. This includes assessing manufacturing capacity, where products are made, outsourcing options, where manufacturing plants are located and their supporting supply base.

Link to the overall business

Involve operations in overall strategy development & include an understandable set of executable directives.

Look beyond the four walls

Carefully examine each product's end-to-end production network, including external factors that impact it before and after the manufacturing process.

Move problems off the line

Understand where problems are occurring along the production line and their root causes so they can be solved rather than shifted up and down the line.

The KSOC Process

Data Action Sustainment is the core fundamental of the Kavin Strategic Operations Consulting process.


Data is critical to determine where the deficiencies are within your business or organization. If there are no data sets in place to assess these deficiencies, we will help you to create them and train you to utilize them. We believe that it is better to fix one problem effectively than to try to fix multiple issues that pop up or reoccur.


Action is having the right team to fix the specific problem is critical. KSOC will help with transferring this information and problem-solving methodology to the management staff as they are often the most vital part of the equation. We believe that you must train and empower the team to understand and fix systemic issues.


Sustainability is an essential part of these steps.

  • How do you measure your improvements?
  • How do you know when it’s not optimal?
  • How do you fix it?
  • Why was it missed in the first place?

Training staff to problem solving correctly and effectively is one of the primary reasons why companies cannot sustain improvements. These are all questions that KSOC will help you to answer and better understand so that your business and or organization remains efficient, profitable and sustainable.


Building an operational plan that reflects a company’s overall business strategy helps drive operational excellence and enables the production of quality products at the lowest cost per value.

If you are unsure as to which area of consulting would best help your organization, please contact us for a free consultation to better understand your business needs.