Elmar van Onselen

Elmar van Onselen

Human Resources Manager

Elmar van Onselen is a skilled Human Resources (HR) specialist with a proven background in operations management and team leadership. He has over 12 years of experience in the HR field. As a Human Resources Manager and Human Resources Consultant in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Africa, he has managed all aspects of the HR function, ensuring organizational, team, and individual effectiveness. 

At the Kavin Group, Elmar is the Human Resources Manager, where he is responsible for maintaining partnerships with local stakeholders and delivering organizational effectiveness agendas. These agendas include; process and structure improvement, promoting innovative workplace culture, cultivating positive workplace behaviour, bolstering effective leadership, and streamlining talent acquisition. 

He translates the Kavin Group's business strategy, capabilities, and principles to staff, clients, and potential partners. Elmar ensures that success is delivered internally to the company and externally to its clients and partners. 

Elmar holds a Bachelors and Honours Bachelors degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Pretoria, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Pretoria, and a Certificate in Business Sustainability Management from Cambridge University.

“The Kavin Group has a proven track record of service excellence, I hope to use my international HR experience to not only maintain this standard but grow it to service clients across North America”